Tuesday, May 20, 2008

Over Kill

The idea of beating a dead horse, itself in bold, creates interesting possibilities within poetry. I find this all so dern interesting. In some cases, the death causes the reader to revisit something forgotten in our fast-paced world with too many highways. Because did I mean super or informational?

In other cases, readers are shown how easy it is to kill something already dead. Here, the poet says, "Now, you too, readers, can do some work. Work will be good for you." This, too, is of value. Readers must sometimes think original thoughts and not killed ones. Readers must know when they are being offered killed thoughts, and how to spot the difference. And yes, in still other cases, readers learn from the mistakes of poets: Don't visit this area where they kill dead horses if you desire to suck from the marrow of conversation at parties. Famous people usually aren’t horsekillers that nobody likes.

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