Saturday, February 02, 2008

We are united by money’s unique and exciting photo

It’s an eerie feeling, struck by stroller
And varying color dentine
Shapes and squire on the trampoline
Scrooge! And waistline
Fanta Naranja now! Ok fine, springing to
Our sudsy human potency
Like before knocking the party
Means you tie to a worldly proletariat
Based on equality, spin a lariat, rubbing insults
Ability to drive stick
You can tell no lies
But those lies will return in to man
Beef We all buck
To order sodas with much nose chuckling
Sudsy around the mouth sprinkle
Stamp out his rabies, shots! Freemasons
Too can rub in uglies chatty apartment blocks
And decree, all will be wild
Will Smith will tame the winter of our spelling bee
Fresca, to allow kitten old flame to tackle structural redo
I will retie the chariot analogy with restroom

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