Wednesday, February 20, 2008

Poem by un amigo mio, Miguel Bopo

This is a picture of my russian cousin. He is from russia (previously known as capital of the empire of evil; thank god, the force strong within jedi ron reaganwalker & the weakness of the last ruler, darth gorbachev aka gorbi). Oh, yes, my cousin, he is a very important business man. He used to work at russia's version of KFC; i think they call it KGB (russian for kasajistan fried chicken). He was a colonel (like sanders, kfc old dude); you see, same thing. He works with a friend of his old days in Kassajistan Fried Chicken (KGB for short, remember?) Putin (puto for his friends). They are young brave russian frying chicken entrepreneurs. They are in oil business now (and i think they own a country, kind of, you). Yes, that is why he has a cell phone.

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