Sunday, February 10, 2008

Granted, you have lots of body. Just shake his Evolutionary Theory Maker.

A book launch in Brooklyn?! You're kind is charming
of widget Neanderthal quick
in Ghost form in that ergonomic princess chair-
in-one Sits Dreissler, sit
I’m rushing to meet you we bury
As well as sell she sells sash sheesh
But dynamite to muscats? Gorgeous
Shameful logic impart petite wagging things

I mean, er, weather
our differences are maybe Brooklyn. How we connect
Champion empties into
But bookstores
handling incredibly lifelike workshops for what, when
a monkey can’t even photocopy a human soul
typing and sweaty little monkey, ditto poor beast
so below recruitment numbers, Sybil
you must see wind to change into wind
and just how found basketball was.

I discovered, of course, all this
Within self-help partner
Suck in their nearness to academies
When the CEO rockets into his he prefers waxing speech
standing up from ground floor, screaming Elaine
I hate you “like I hate the pox”
without mittens. He seemed impish. Aping lipshits
Ask the driver for a bill machine out of the question

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