Friday, September 28, 2007

Tao Lin's "pose " equates Miranda July bashers with racists?

Are July’s bashers racists? Well then,
I'll be a squirrel talking
putting your nuts, no burying them
in my mouth
there is no clean kitchen glove
here’s layer squirrel on you for the pain (Bueyes)
my home the mighty oak
Lin on July, I'll avoid
the sign, sincere, the priest
cuts his own hair to appear
the squirrel too good, becomes non-hair
cutter July
Ah, July. Can one movie really
make me a dreamer? How about
a well squirrel guarded service
entrance. Shouldn't
all squirrels thank Amelie? Jean-
Pierre Jeunet had Caro
Caro sale barato. Racista!

Miranda July has a pose: the non pose.


To say that July avoids/omits/negates the pose is to say that July is a July-like hole, a sort of Language mixture ArundhatiRoy-like, manufacturing an emptiness for the viewer to fill. A claim that her pose is sincere occupies the same post or, as Brother Josh Nevers says, "slant angle of critique," as the Insincerity Mongers' claim. Is the effect that a coterie artist (Who isn't coterie, in these days of cot?) inlays on her audience less valid/artistic if not "sincere" or authentic? Who holds the Authenticity Authority, artist or viewer? I'm going to cop the 'Mitological' and say that Miranda July exists on a level different from July the (everyday) person, so as long as July exists, who are we --audience members, really-- to say which July is Julyier? If July herself doesn't know this answer, how can anyone? Is Roy the anti-war movement? Is Bush the War in Iraq? July Brand is cogito ergo sum of the moment. What gets me isn't the preciousness and daint involved in July's persona, it's the darlingism: taking the compartmentalization and saying, "See? It all fits and is confined here. This is the voice of our zeitgeist."

Both July's shit talkers and July need to crawl into a semiotic hole with closed meaning. Bye!

And if July didn't exist, it would be necessary to declare her a holiday.

Or a service entrance.

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Stan Apps said...

Isn't preciousness a kind of claim to sincerity, i.e. as lame as this might look to you, this is the real me? And then to call it "precious" is to say it isn't really sincere? So, really, it's all about who has the right to judge who is sincere?

I'm opposed to sincerity in most of its aspects, but particularly as manifested in particular modes of dress or styles of expression. I just think the tools of expression should be used for something other than "self-expression" generally.

Down with Miranda July's sensibility, winsomeness, and related appealing traits!

Tao Lin is a very coy and winsome, self-expressive writer too, and far be it from me to deny his charms.