Friday, September 28, 2007


I posted this at KSM's LOST IN THE FRAME.

In the name of disclosure --and since I cannot link to it (using Safari) -- it's going up here.

All this is, as the title reveals, re Superbad:, can addiction to/cultural pervasiveness of porn be waved away if only we hold ourselves to a kind of ethical self-purge?

It's interesting to note how porn might affect men and women's views of their own genitalia, shorn, excessive, "normative", etc. Does porn push us, culturally, to shear?

Personally, I thought Superbad was (I'll withhold the pun) a somewhat shitty movie. Most of the humor is in the vein of the Awkward -- use of the “anti-joke” (i.e., “the funny thing about my back is that it’s on my cock,” the lack of reaction then becoming the joke, etc.) –- sense of humor that seems well aware of its own maturity: a kind of cloying “we will prevail” optimism. This failed for me, namely because I wasn't McLovin or “Arrested Development kid” (Michael Cera) or any of those depicted, but a real nerd. I knew I was a nerd, but I was never able to rise above this nerdiness nor see it as normal. I KNEW I was not the norm in my high school environment, and I knew that I was powerless to do anything about it.

Yikes...where's the leather couch...?

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