Monday, September 10, 2007

before cocaine there was the man who invented cocaine

For Maradona, and for his detractors

commie Maradona should stick
Barbara Walters into a 5 year old into need of spiritual body conditions
so insults are socially, ok, viewable by minor piss specs
read as defin--the war on drugs, like, during détente (detention)
For Halloween. You dance with a woman wearing cat makeup.
(she would burn her clothes, her animals. Called, 'hot demolition,'
her vote card into the fire she'd support,)
who invented cocaine studied
the steam engine, shows our age
band costs us our impressionable crowd
dwarf stars are researched, concentrated on
juice is value-licious and I’ll caterwaul my message high and
limber up the stuck on
stinger with Crispin, canola oil
our city's extra chromy and burgeoning po-po

I hate figure causes
cramping my bowels

mom÷time into
deliberate free basing

The future is high school students’ fault.
And is too overhead to
Welcome to the first day of your family’s native speakers.

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