Tuesday, March 23, 2010

sun n fun

[A "response" to this.]

girl running along beach
girl swinging her arms
girl open mouth
girl laugh
girl brushes hair
girl flails arms
girl runs toward water
girl runs away from water
girl shot from behind
girl turns around
girl smiles at camera
girl does a dance in the water
girl splashes water at herself
girl swing around arms in windmill
girl turn around
girl run back other direction
girl subject ass close up shot
girl is focused from the front again
girl runs past the camera
girl is lying down in sand
girl is making frontal angel in sand
girl shows breasts very close
girl opens and closes mouth repeatedly
girl is showing breasts very close
girl rubs hands together
girl pushes herself up
girl brushes off legs
girl brushes off stomach
girl brushes off breasts
girl brushes off cleavage
girl brushes stubborn sand
girl continues to brush in various directions
girl smiles at camera like oops
girl opens mouth and closes mouth
girl lifts bikini string to clean more stubborn sand
girl giving more mouth opening and oops look
girl shot from back
girl turns around
girl acknowledges camera
girl sit now standing and brushing off sand
girl cannot remove all the sand from her butt
girl is bending over
girl is blinking
girl is opening and closing eyes
girl is possibly suggesting that we go somewhere else
girl is now crawling on sand
girl is sticking out her tongue at the camera
girl continues to crawl on sand as camera close up of but
girl is now showing close breasts
girl is now crawling in a hip moving way
girl is opening and closing mouth and eyes
girl is moving shoulders close together to press breasts bigger
girl is stationary on sand
girl is allowing camera to focus on her butt and torso
girl is opening mouth

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