Thursday, February 11, 2010

not ilk

Will there be prizes leftover
when the incentives are refunded
the refund is a refusal to engage
flanges get a refund when unsuitable

a momentary takeover of rebuke
missile comfort
hang your head from the lintel
urge pace
Dock in heaven we are told
I'm honestly guessing

coherence please
as to the esophagus plain adheres
collusion must
as it tramples a bile twentysomethings
shouldering the musket
shouldering AR15s (widowmakers)

an empty reference pest
refuels the reply to return politely
make Amens

I gave back my body as a refund
I gave back my rent check
I gave back my quarterpounder
I gave back my dead guys
The only questionable project is the food.

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Half Cheek Seated said...

I REALLY like this.