Wednesday, January 20, 2010

every Scout should replace water periodically

This is from a longer piece called swords with lord baden-powell

our great wetlands
where land is wet so sure

there will be abuses (hold on
to your auto fruition

not to mention unclean subject)
to nominal rejection by opposite sexos

where these are in opposing
life into a gamer's game schedule

small ants collect around scouts' middles
these are food the real slow food
ant vs. whoever grasshopper

enormous vs. steadily enlarging
swollen for a reason vs. taking up inordinate planning
for the family planning entry

small stork wage a war for survival
in a scout's nurturing hand, the charges democratize
and the stork learns a to appreciate fragile homes
a lesson from here:

these lands opened up for development
without asking
no one with permission and rules
is interesting enough to flying animals.

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