Saturday, December 05, 2009

Yogurt Most Certainly

I stick my spoon in halfway
Then you stick your spoon in halfway
And we’ll share this yogurt its new
Flavor returns beat investments only with good taste
Spitting out yogurt wastes the money you spent
Spitting out yogurt with money you spent is actually a waste.

Never hasten to probe yogurt you’ve learned to correctly taste
The smell sitting before your tongue is taste in a haste:

Your body is becoming harder while you wait
For the yogurt that renews your litmus
When you hold something so sacred on your tongue
Changing colors will reward you with an answer to boldness
Hold your tongue, feel the yogurt medicate.

Stick your spoon in three-quarters way
Then I stick my spoon in three-quarters way.
Let’s play swords.
The first to be satisfied by lengthy curtains
Touched up with new yogurt’s powerful ambitions

Your eyes are softening and running out of your head
They are transformed into yogurt
And a nice neighborhood with activism.

Yogurt, the spelling bee of the mouth!
A champion discus tosser hurls a new flavor into the region
Of your face and you should react by opening up
And saying, “Pro-biotics”
Which are boring remnants of God from being dead.

I have nothing but boots in my yogurt clothing routine
When I decide which yogurt to commandeer and
Non-fucking-fat cottage cheese is what entirely happened!
Normal cottage cheeses don’t stick so often
Haphazardly peeling the ripped foil before you’ve taste experimented
Is like going to a firefight with only a rubber glove on your head.

If you want to know what a lifelong bout with terminal diseases feels like
Understand how yogurt is made inside a cobra’s poisonous glands
When and only when the snake turns
Fire a missile and fill the yogurt enough into a latex glove.
Now you are safe, now you can curl up and comprehend.