Sunday, November 08, 2009

Job Search

I’m still sitting here hour 1003rd job search I’ve performed this year. This is a wonderful way to end a college career made up of heady research and fixing appliances and never eating. I never ate because I was job searching.

My job search contributes to my healthiness and spanking new uniform. When employers see my work, they turn the resume over, face down, kissing whatever implements they have. My credentials kiss candy. A boss would hire me after the interview, but I’m not given the interview. After I’m buzzed in, I’m hiding from boss. Bosses overly interfering with employee health so reprehensible.

For this next year, my costume will mix horny and scary. Appealing to all aspects of street life is what makes a decent costume. They built the Yankee home before they built the 9/11 memorial. Both were horny and scary options. These were costumes that could be exchanged for better-made uniforms.

And now for my body cavity. Since my entire body is unreliable, potential hirers reduce my presence to a quick meaning. Comparing my difficulty to Thanksgiving. Giblets and hiring practices, stuffing that is piping hot and razor sharp. You fill that cut up parking layout. You, human pond.

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