Monday, October 12, 2009

My Brother's Sequential Anatomy and Microsoft WORD

This, from my brother, Patrick Daley:

I was writing a paper on Plato's view of women for a Humanities class when I noticed a cool feature on Word. If you type in a word in the Thesaurus, a bunch of words with the same first couple letters show up. I started messing around and came up with this weird poem. I also made up a rule for which it was meant to be organized. The word count of each sentence must be in consecutive order (I noted the word count next to each sentence). The poem turned out to be pretty funny and thought I would send it to you. I made it into an anatomy lesson. Enjoy!

Sequential Anatomy

14. The penis penetrates peninsulas whose penitence is a pen name for penniless pen pals.

15. The septum separates the septic tank from the separatists whose sepulchers are sequenced in September.

16. The vagina gives vaccinations through a vacuum to vagrants whose vague vanity is a vacillating valediction.

17. The shin shifts from a shimmering shingle to a shiny shelter where shenanigans are shielded from shepherding.

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