Sunday, August 05, 2007

FLARF Suit Riot

Seth Abramson has posted more on flarf, and on the vitriol he seems to receive because of his opinions on it. And there's some coincidence in the fact that both he and Nada Gordon at ~Ululations~ are discussing the same thing: Why are our online tempers not similar to our "real" life tempers? Why can't we behave online? What's with this pissing contest anyway?

I'm going to disagree with Mr. Abramson on the JACKET problem re flarf. JACKET has published both "proto" flarf (TARZAN, anyone?) work as well as essays seeking to open flarf up, with a razor (Dan Hoy's 16+ page long essay). Both sides seem represented. And there are definitely those who hate flarf and those who love it. What about the Swiss? Or, better: what about those poets/fans/readers who merely wish the flarf debate and its copiers vanish? Is flarf here to stay, and is this negative?

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