Thursday, March 15, 2007

Dearest Savvy Contestant,

My key sticks. Apologize for me. No longer should you find it darling to stub me. Upkeeping you in modern events shall not be of difficult duty. You should know that they got to pack up the house for families’ sake. When felt dropped somewhere, up and dance. This is what our necks alight with tires. My daughter is fondling. Her lecture fathers her softly. In a pet manner. Thereabout making room for the again is what people do always part of the terminal. You should arrive to see their fruition. Her when pricked mother rubs into our hands’ palms. We have niceties in our contacts and summer is most of what you hear in yells through houses. We have the carpets packed with wet sheepdogs. Troublesome, we fought with water. See what origin makes us into? Since all men in my family until a later daughter, I reap the benefits of this erotic upbringing. This is something you squint into. Ahead, sally and put your face into vice. Child-safe with no sharp edges because the camera is invented when uncle is town. When all dies, we mix the colors and auto pile into. Clear me up for your friends. And you too should question my answers. For example, please in from the cold with what you thesis of north people might be, pea-colored with envious shudder? During this season I get chestnuts. If they summer I should visit there with your finances.

Most Intrusively Yours for a Free Notebook Upgrade,

JP. Morgan

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