Wednesday, January 10, 2007


You're it bitches.

5 things about me:

1) I love underoos. Seriously.

2) My great- great- great- (3 greats) grand uncle is on the fifty. Eat your heart out, P. Diddy!
(This is inadmissible, since it's not really about me)

3) I suffer from a somewhat never-diagnosed version of Vaso-Vega Syncope. Less confused with the more popular What-Happens-in-Vegas-Stays-In-Vegas than the Vaso-Vegas Yn cope, I'm quoted here with my quips re the matter on gameday:

"(The University doctors) have it pegged to a vaso-vega syncope, which means I have to mangiare,'' Daley said. "Which brings us to cloning: A lot of times I don't eat on game days (sic) because of nerves, and that --along with habeas corpus-- is part of the problem.''

4) When I was a5 yrs. old I pissed on a friend of mine while we were playing at his house. I'm unsure of what it was that provoked this act of deviance. His head, admittedly, looked like a tree, but that still meant that the flowers were left to do without water. He ascended (literally, flying two-at-a-time) the stairs screaming. I zipped up, and arose to face my fate.

5) Minutia: I have two tattoos. I play trumpet. I used to be very proficient at the art of the infield (shortstop). At the age of two due to near (again) malpractice, I was close to severe dehydration and then, la muerte. I like tango. The oldest of five, I grew up in the south and spent some time in the north. I blend anywhere. I am Zartan.

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